Crunchy BackRest

Crunchy BackRest aims to be a simple backup and restore system that can seamlessly scale up to the largest databases and workloads.

Primary Crunchy BackRest features:
  • Local or remote backup
  • Multi-threaded backup/restore for performance
  • Checksums
  • Safe backups (checks that logs required for consistency are present before backup completes)
  • Full, differential, and incremental backups
  • Backup rotation (and minimum retention rules with optional separate retention for archive)
  • In-stream compression/decompression
  • Archiving and retrieval of logs for replicas/restores built in
  • Async archiving for very busy systems (including space limits)
  • Backup directories are consistent PostgreSQL clusters (when hardlinks are on and compression is off)
  • Tablespace support
  • Restore delta option
  • Restore using timestamp/size or checksum
  • Restore remapping base/tablespaces
  • Support for PostgreSQL >= 8.3

Instead of relying on traditional backup tools like tar and rsync, Crunchy BackRest implements all backup features internally and uses a custom protocol for communicating with remote systems. Removing reliance on tar and rsync allows for better solutions to database-specific backup issues. The custom remote protocol limits the types of connections that are required to perform a backup which increases security.

Enterprise Support Crunchy is pleased to offer support for Crunchy BackRest through its Secure Enterprise Support offering.  Information on Crunchy support can be found here.

Source Code Crunchy BackRest is the Crunchy supported distribution of the open source and community project, pgBackRest.  For full source code, please visit the repository here.

More Information For questions regarding Crunchy BackRest or additional information, please email

Heavy Duty Backup with PgBackRest
Watch the overview video by David Steele, Crunchy Senior Data Architect.