Enterprise PostgreSQL Support

Crunchy’s Secure Enterprise PostgreSQL Support for PostgreSQL enables Enterprises to confidently deploy open source PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database solution recognized as a less costly alternative to proprietary relational databases.

What is Crunchy Secure Enterprise PostgreSQL Support?

Crunchy Secure Enterprise Support provides Enterprises of all sizes confidence in deploying open source PostgreSQL.

When PostgreSQL issues come up, Crunchy provides guaranteed response time from our team of PostgreSQL engineers.
Beyond troubleshooting, in connection with a Secure Enterprise Support engagement, Crunchy engineers are available to assist with PostgreSQL deployment issues including:

  • Guidance on upgrading to a new release
  • Configuration suggestions for high availability and scalability
  • Performance tuning and optimization suggestions
  • Review of new PostgreSQL features and how to use them
For Enterprise customers that have deployed PostgreSQL in support of their data management requirements, Crunchy offers a combination of: on demand Crunchy PostgreSQL Expertise, “Reach Back” into the knowledge base and capability of the PostgreSQL Global Development Community as well as convenient access to Security Patches, Software Updates, Efficient Troubleshooting and Bug Fixes for their PostgreSQL deployment. True PostgreSQL Support.