eHow and Web Content Writing Posts Retired

13612064_sCrunchy Data is retiring all blog posts that were written two or more years ago and were related to eHow and/or other online writing sites.

The online content writing industry has evolved over the years, and so has Crunchy Data. We still provide outstanding writing and services for website owners, with a focus on supporting WordPress websites, website security, and traffic data analysis, but our focus has evolved. We now focus primarily on developing, maintaining, analyzing, and troubleshooting WordPress websites, as well as on providing great tutorials and advice for DIY WordPress projects.

Many of the old content farms that we wrote about years ago are gone now, and the information is obsolete. And those sites that still exist are largely irrelevant, with a few notable exceptions. So we’re not seeing a demand for these articles any longer, but we’ll be happy to help you dig up an old post if you need to reference it for some reason.

Crunchy Data will offer new tutorials for writers if we receive enough requests for them, so contact us through our form or in the comments and let us know what you want to learn about! Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more WordPress tutorials, or request a quote for services for everything ranging from WordPress website audits to traffic data analysis to complete website overhauls or new website construction.

So it’s off into the sunset for those old posts, and we’ll look forward to sharing with you even more of the useful website tips, tutorials, reviews, and data that you expect from Crunchy Data!crunchy-data-comment-arrow